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(Photo: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock) Researchers (and, heck, our parents) have long known that our peers influence whether we drink or smoke or engage in other not-so-healthy habits. Now scientists wanted to take a closer look to see if friends also influence health, as well as happiness and stress. 研究人员(见鬼Q还有我们的父母)早就知道Q我们的同龄Z影响我们喝酒、抽烟或其他不太健康的习惯。现在,U学家们惌q距观察朋友是否也会媄响健店幸和压力? "We were interested in the topology of the social network — what does my position within my social network predict about my health and well-being?" said study lead author Nitesh V. Chawla, professor of computer science and engineering at Notre Dame, in a statement. "What we found was the social network structure provides a significant improvement in predictability of wellness states of an individual over just using the data derived from wearables, like the number of steps or heart rate." “我们对社交网l的拓扑l构很感兴趣——我在C交|络中的位置如何预测我的健康和幸?”“我们发现Q社交网l结构大大提高了个h健康状况的可预测性,而不仅仅是用来自可I戴讑֤的数据,比如步数或心率?rdquo; Participants in the study wore Fitbits so researchers could gather information about steps, heart rate, sleep data and activity level. They also completed surveys about their feelings of happiness, positivity and stress. Researchers captured data about the participants' social networks using a phone app that gathered information about calls and texts. q项研究的参与者佩戴fitbitQ这LIh员就可以攉有关步数、心率、睡眠数据和zd水^的信息。他们还完成了关于幸感、积极性和压力的调查。研Ih员用一ƾ手机应用程序捕捉了参与者社交网l的数据Q该应用E序攉了有关通话和短信的信息? (Photo: Syda Productions/Shutterstock) The team then analyzed the data, comparing the tracker information to the social network characteristics. The results, which were published in the journal PLOS ONE, showed a strong correlation between the structure of the participants' social network and their heart rate, the number of steps they took and their daily level of activity. 然后Q研I小l分析了q些数据Qƈ跟t器信息与社交网l特征进行了比较。研I结果发表在《公q学图书馆•l合》杂志上Q结果显C,参与者的C交|络l构与他们的心率、步数和日常zd水^之间存在很强的相x? Adding information from a social network made for a much better predictor of an individual's health and well-being versus just looking at Fitbit health data alone, the study found. When researchers combined friend group info with data from fitness trackers, they had a 65% improvement in predicting a person's happiness, 54% improvement in predicting a person's self-assessed health, 55% improvement in predicting positive attitude and 38% improvement in predicting feelings of success. 研究发现Q与只看Fitbit上的健康数据相比Q在C交|络上添加信息能更好地预一个h的健Lc当研究人员朋友圈信息与健w追t器的数据结合v来时Q他们预一个h的快乐程度的准确率提高了65%Q预一个h自我评估的健L늚准确率提高了54%Q预积极态度的准率提高?5%Q预成功感觉的准确率提高了38%? "This study asserts that without social network information, we only have an incomplete view of an individual's wellness state, and to be fully predictive or to be able to derive interventions, it is critical to be aware of the social network structural features as well," Chawla said. 舒拉?“q项研究表明Q如果没有社交网l的信息Q我们对一个h的健L况只有一个不完整的看法,要想完全预测或得出干预措施,了解C交|络的结构特征也臛_重要?rdquo; The researchers suggest that one way these research results might be used is in the workplace. Employers who give workers fitness trackers in order to improve their health could suggest they share their progress on a social media platform in order to build an encouraging network. 研究人员表示Q这些研I结果可能被用于工作场所。ؓ员工提供健nq踪器以改善他们健康状况的雇主,可以他们在社交媒体^C分n自己的进步,以徏立一个o人鼓舞的|络? "I do believe these incentives that we institute at work are meaningful, but I also believe we're not seeing the effect because we may not be capitalizing on them the way we should," Chawla said. 舒拉?“我确实认为,我们在工作中制定的这些激励措施是有意义的Q但是我也认为,我们没有看到效果Q因为我们可能没有以最适当的方式利用这些措施?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>103岁的老奶奶获两枚金牌 http://www.didecide.cn/show-9944-451007-1.html 世界难民日:2018q底?080万h离失所 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-451044-1.html 知名澛_利亚摄媄师Dale Sharpe遭遇车祸 http://www.didecide.cn/show-7804-451054-1.html 《荒野求生》之跟着贝尔d险第1?面生死考验 http://www.didecide.cn/show-10229-451049-1.html 恶劣xQ英国两青年吐h口水Q还h推?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-7804-451047-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[UK primary school teacher pushed in front of a bus for confronting teens 英国一名小学教师被陌生年推倒在公交车前 A woman was pushed in front of a bus for standing up to the teenagers who spat at her niece. 一个女人因和向侄女吐口水的青少q对质,而被推倒在公共汽R前面? Geraldine Lynne, a 56-year-old primary school teacher, was assaulted after confronted two teenagers on Oxford Street in London. 56岁的学教师杰拉丁·林恩在u敦牛z街与两名青年对质后遭到袭凅R? Lynne and her 25-year-old niece were shopping on Saturday when the young boy and girl repeatedly stepped on her niece's heels. 周六Q琳恩和?5岁的侄女在购物时Q一个男孩和一个女孩不停地t着侄女的脚跟? (d人的男青q?Photo credit: Metropolitan Police) "My niece turned around and asked them to stop, and I told the two teens to stand in front of us," Lynne told Evening Standard. “我侄奌{w让他们停下来,我就让这两个十几岁的孩子站到我们前面?rdquo;林恩接受采访是说? "I assumed it was an accident. A few moments later I heard them say 'three, two, one," and with that he spat at my niece." “我以为那是个意外Q可q了一会儿Q我听到他们?ldquo;三,二,一”Q说完,他朝我侄奛_了一口? She says the incident shocked her, and she got her phone out to photograph the boy who then became aggressive. 她说qg事让她很震惊Q她拿出手机拍下了这个男孩,然后q个男孩开始攻d? A bus pulled up at the junction near them and came to a halt. 一辆公共汽车在他们附近的交叉\口停了下来? "My niece saw him use both his hands and push me with full force. I landed in front of the bus," she said. “我侄女看见他用双手劲推我,把我推倒在公共汽R前面Q?rdquo;她说? "I'm horrified to consider what might've happened if a 12-and-a-half tonne bus had run over me. “当我惛_如果一辆重?2.5吨的公共汽R从我w上过会发生什么时Q我吓坏了?rdquo; "It's just so violent. It's never happened to me before… it was frightening to think one small incident can escalate into being pushed in front of a bus," she said. 她说Q?ldquo;太暴力了。我从来没有发生q这L?hellip;…不敢惌一个小事g会升U到被推到公共汽车前面,真是令hx?rdquo; Police have released the picture of the boy Lynne took on her phone as they appeal for witnesses to the event. 警方公布了琳恩用手机拍下的男孩照片,呼吁目击者出庭作证? ]]></description> </item><item><title>8Ҏ变生zȝ技?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-451046-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[8 Life-Changing Skills You Can Learn in Less Than 6 Months 你可以在不到6个月的时间里学会8Ҏ变生zȝ技? Everyone has the ability to learn a life-changing skill in the next 6 months. 每个人都有能力学习一Ҏ变h生的技能,在未?个月的时间里? By life-changing, I mean something that can have a positive impact in your life moving forward, even if it’s something you can’t envision today. Certain skills we can immediately reap the benefits of, while others will be life-changing when we least expect it. 我所说的改变生活Q是指那些能对你未来的生zM生积极媄响的事情Q即使是你今天无法想象的事情。某些技能我们可以立即从中受益,而另一些技能会在最意想不到的时候改变我们的生活? 1. Speed reading 快速阅? The ability to process information faster from books, articles, and reports is what will help us learn faster, and therefore improve each aspect of our life faster as well. 从书c、文章和报告中更快地处理信息的能力将帮助我们更快地学习,从而更快地改善我们生活的各个方面? 2. Public speaking 公众演讲 Research shows that people fear public speaking more than death itself. There’s something terrifying about being in front of dozens or hundreds of people, and exposing yourself completely. It’s when you’re most vulnerable, but learning how to public speak is a life-changer. 研究表明Q比h亡,Z更害怕公众演讌Ӏ在几十或几百个人面前,完全暴露自己Q这是很可怕的。这是你最脆弱的时候,但学会如何在公众场合讲话改变你的一生? 3. Spanish 西班牙语 As the third most spoken language in the world, the ability to speak Spanish will allow you to reach over 500M people around the world. No matter where you live, knowing how to speak Spanish is becoming increasingly more important, with the Hispanic population and economy spreading quickly worldwide. 作ؓ世界W三大语aQ说西班牙语的能力将使你接触C界各地超q?亿h。无Z住在哪里Q随着西班牙裔人口和经在全球范围内的q速增长,学会说西班牙语正变得来重要? 4.Accounting 会计 If you’re looking to get into business, accounting is one of the core fundamentals you’ll need to succeed. While you don’t need to be an expert, you definitely should understand the basics. 如果你想q入商界Q会计是你成功所需要的核心基础之一。虽然你不需要成ZӞ但你一定要了解基本知识? 5.Microsoft Excel 电子表格 Most people reading this probably have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. While this is a good start, there are so many powerful functionalities that are hidden, which could make your life a lot easier. 大多数阅L文的人可能对Microsoft Excel电子表格有一个基本的了解。虽然这是一个良好的开端,但是它隐藏了许多强大的功能,学会后可以让你的生活L许多? 6. Blogging/Vlogging 博客/视频博客 Blogging is a powerful tool if you want to spread your ideas, build your brand, or grow your business. Since it was introduced, blogging has taken on a life of its own, and today there are ~2M blog posts being written on a daily basis. 如果你想传播你的xQ徏立你的品牌,或者发展你的业务,写博客是一个强大的工具。自从博客问世以来,它就有了自己的生命,如今每天有大U?00万篇博客文章? 7. Weight training N训练 Yes, weight training is a skill. It’s not as advanced as learning how to code, nor will it take as long as learning a new language, if you just want to learn the basics. 是的QD重训l是一Ҏ能。如果你只想学习基础知识Q它q不像学习编E那么高U,也不像学习一门新语言那么耗时? 8. Photo and video editing 照片和视频编? In the digital world that we live in, from Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, there is no avoiding photos and videos. In fact, social media has increasingly gone away from text sharing and almost everything to photo and video editing.So it is important to learn this. 在我们生zȝ数字世界里,从Youtube、Instagram和Facebook上,我们无法回避照片和视频。事实上Q社交媒体已l越来越多地从文本共享和几乎所有的东西转向照片和视频编辑。因此,学习剪辑是很重要的? ]]></description> </item><item><title>高效团队的秘诀 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-451045-1.html 马来西亚ȝ质疑MH17调查l果 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-451043-1.html 鲍里斯成为博彩界最期望的英国首?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-451042-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Boris bookies’ favorite to become British PM 鲍里斯成为博彩界最期望的英国首? Boris Johnson, former foreign secretary who helped lead the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign, continued his progress toward the top job yesterday when he trounced his rivals again in the race to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May. 曑֍助领?016q英国脱Ƨ公投运动的前外交部镉K里斯·U翰?Boris Johnson)Q昨日在接替英国首相牚w?bull;?Theresa May)的竞选中再次击|ҎQl朝着最高职位迈q? In the fourth ballot of Conservative lawmakers, which eliminated Interior Minister Sajid Javid, Johnson was again way out in front of his rivals. Johnson, who served as London’s mayor for eight years, has cast himself as the only candidate who can deliver Brexit on October 31 while fighting off the electoral threats of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. 在第四轮选D中,保守z议员淘C内政部长萨吉?middot;贄PU翰逊的竞争Ҏ出局。约逊曾担Q伦敦市长8q_他把自己塑造成唯一能在10?1日实现英国退Ƨ的候选hQ同时对抗奈杰尔•法拉?Nigel Farage)领导的退Ƨ党(Brexit Party)和杰里米•U尔?Jeremy Corbyn)领导的工?Labour Party)的选D威胁? Despite a series of scandals in the past, Johnson has dominated the race since May announced she would step down after repeatedly failing to get her Brexit deal ratified by parliament. 管q去曑֏生过一pd丑闻Q但自特里萨•梅宣布辞职以来,U翰逊一直主导着竞选。此前,梅多ơ未能让英国议会批准她的脱欧协议? Johnson, 55, has increased his share of the vote of Conservative lawmakers at each of the four ballots so far: 114 out of 313 votes in the first ballot on June 13, 126 on June 18, 143 on Wednesday and 157 yesterday. 到目前ؓ止,55岁的U翰逊在四次投票中,每一ơ都增加了保守党议员的投比例:6?3日的W一ơ投中?14,6?8日的126,周三?43,以及昨天?57? Environment Minister Michael Gove was second with 61, Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt third with 59 and Javid got 34. After the final lawmakers’ ballot leaves just two candidates remaining, around 160,000 Conservative Party grassroots members will vote on who will be their leader — and Britain’s next prime minister — by the end of July. Bookmakers give Johnson an 89 percent probability of winning. 环境部长q克?middot;戈夫?1分位居第二,外交部长杰里c?middot;亨特?9分位居第三,哈维德以34分位居第三。在最后一轮议员投只剩下两名候选h之后Q大U?6万名保守党基层成员,在7月底之前Q就谁将成ؓ他们的领袖以及英国下一任首相进行投。博彩公司认为约逊获胜的概率?9%? ]]></description> </item><item><title>奥尼在2019qNBA颁奖Cg的着装“非常简单?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-8446-451006-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Shaq’s beauty routine for the 2019 NBA Awards is ‘very easy’ 奥尼在2019qNBA颁奖Cg的着?ldquo;非常?rdquo; For Shaquille O’Neal, hosting a star-studded award show is just another day at the office. 对于沙奎?middot;奥尼来_丑֊一场明星云集的颁奖典礼只不q是办公室里的又一天? “I’m just going to get a haircut, shave my beard, and you know, just go to work,” Shaq told Page Six Style on Thursday about hosting the 2019 NBA Awards. “Just put on some cologne, button my shirt, put on my tie, and I’ll be ready to go … It’s very easy.” 周四Q奥尔在接受Page Six Style采访时谈C2019qNBA颁奖C|他说:“我要ȝ发,刮胡,然后M班?rdquo;“只要L古龙_扣上衬衫扣子Q打上领带,我就可以出发?hellip;…q很单?rdquo; The former Lakers player, who moonlights as a disc jockey under the name DJ Deisel, also added that he doesn’t get stage fright and just needs a few run-throughs before the big event. q位前湖人球员以DJ Deisel的名义兼职做音乐节目L人,他还补充_他不会怯场Q只是在大赛前需要做一些预演? “It’s going to be an interesting night,” he said. “You’ve got all the top NBA players, top actors, top actresses, so everybody is intrigued by which athlete is going to win which award.” “q将是一个有的夜晚Q?rdquo;他说?ldquo;你有所有的NBA球员Q顶U演员,x员,所以每个h都对哪个q动员将赢得哪个奖项很感兴趣?rdquo; He added, “There’s going to be a lot of jokes, a lot of insults, a lot of dancing, and just a lot of fun.” 他补充道Q?ldquo;会讲很多W话Q开很多玩笑Q会有很多舞y,q有很多乐趣?rdquo; And while the 7-foot-1 athlete says he doesn’t know any of the nominees personally, Shaq told us, “I know who they are, I know what they’ve done throughout their career,” and that there is “a lot of mutual respect.” 虽然q位w高7英尺1英寸的运动员说他个hq不认识M一位提名者,但他表示Q?ldquo;我知道他们是谁,我知道他们在整个职业生中都做了什?rdquo;Q而且“他们怺重”? The baller also took a moment to weigh in on tonight’s NBA draft, stating that Zion Williamson, who is expected to go No. 1 to the Pelicans, will “bring a lot of excitement to New Orleans.” q位球q动员也在今晚的NBA选秀大会上发表了自己的看法,他表C,有望成ؓ鹈鹕队头号门的锡安·威廉姆森?ldquo;l新奥尔良带来很多惊?rdquo;? He added, “They’ve got a nice young court and hopefully they can all come together and get a couple wins … they should definitely make a lot of noise.” 他补充说:“他们有一个年L亮的球场Q希望他们能团结h赢得几场比赛……他们一定会刉很多欢呼声?rdquo; And on Anthony Davis’ trade to the Lakers, Shaq said, “I definitely think they will be a force to be reckoned with.” 谈到戴维斯被交易到湖人,沙克?“我绝对认Z们是一支不可小觑的力量?rdquo; The 2019 NBA Awards presented by KIA airs live on Monday, June 24, on TNT at 9 p.m. ET. 国东部旉6?4日星期一晚上9点,起亚航空公司丑֊?019qNBA颁奖典礼由TNT现场直播? ]]></description> </item><item><title>雪橇狗不是在水上行走Q而是像鱼一样前q?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-451005-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[These sled dogs aren't walking on water, but something fishy is going on 雪橇狗不是在水上行走Q而是像鱼一样前q? Each year in June, just before all the sea ice has melted, climate scientists at the Danish Meteorological Institute head out by dog sled onto the Greenland sea ice to collect their instruments. Typically the dogs walk on ice, but because of warming temperatures, this year the dogs were splashing in ankle-deep water. 每年6月,在所有的冰融化之前Q丹麦气象研I所的气候科学家们驾着狗拉的雪来到格陵兰冰上收集A器。通常情况下,狗会在冰上行赎ͼ但由于气温变暖,今年狗狗们在齐踝q水中戏水? Photo: Steffen M. Olsen/Twitter The photo above was taken on June 13 by climatologist Steffen Olsen from the Center for Ocean and Ice at the institute. Olsen's colleague, Rasmus Tonboe, tweeted the image, saying "rapid melt and sea ice with low permeability and few cracks leaves the melt water on top." 上面q张照片??3日由该研I所h与冰中心的气候学家斯蒂芬·奥尔拍摄的。奥森的同事拉斯穆?middot;汤博在推特上发布了这张照片,U?ldquo;冰层q速融化,渗透性低Q裂~很,融化的水在上面?rdquo; Olsen said the ice was about 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) thick. It was taken in the middle of Inglefield Bredning, a fjord in northwestern Greenland. He tweeted that the dogs weren't running on the ice sheet, but on sea ice flooded by surface meltwater. 奥尔说Q冰层大U有1.2c?3.9英尺)厚。照片拍摄于格陵兰岛西北部的英格菲尔德布雷宁峡湾中部。他在推特上_q些狗不是在冰盖上奔跑,而是在被表面融水Ҏ的vC奔跑? "This year the expedition to retrieve the instruments – by dog-sled, still the most practical way to get around in this region at this time of year – ran into a lot of standing water on the sea ice," Ruth Mottram, climate scientist at the institute, told The Guardian. "The ice here forms pretty reliably every winter and is very thick, which means that there are relatively few fractures for meltwater to drain through. Last week saw the onset of very warm conditions in Greenland and in fact much of the rest of the Arctic, driven by warmer air moving up from the south." 该研I所的气候科学家露丝·莫特拉姆告诉《卫报》说:“今年Q用狗拉雪橇来取回这些A器的探险队在冰上遇C很多L。狗拉雪仍然是每年q个时候在q一地区旅行最实用的方式。这里的冰每q冬天都会Ş成,而且非常厚,q意味着融水相对来说很少有裂~流出来。上周,格陵兰岛和北极其他大部分地区开始出现非常温暖的天气Q这是受南部暖空气上升的影响?rdquo; Those conditions led to a lot of melting ice, she said. Because the ice is thick in the area and there are no fractures where it can drain, the water pools on the surface. Events like this aren't unusual, but they typically don't occur until later in the summer. 她说Q这些条件导致大量的冰融化。因地区的冰很厚Q没有裂~可以排_所以水面上形成了水池。像q样的事件ƈ不罕见,但通常要到夏天晚些时候才会发生? Mottram told The Guardian that the temperatures are out of the ordinary but it's too early to say whether global warming has played a part because it's "still a weather-driven extreme event, so it's hard to pin it down to climate change alone." 莫特拉姆在接受《卫报》采访时表示Q虽然气温异常,但现在就说全球变暖是否vC一定作用还为时q早Q因为它“仍然是一个由天气驱动的极端事Ӟ因此很难其单独归咎于气候变?rdquo;? However, she said: "Our climate model simulations expect there to be a general decline in the length of the sea ice season around Greenland, [but] how fast and how much is very much dependent on how much global temperature rises." 然而,她表C?“我们的气候模型预计,格陵兰岛周围冰季节的长度将普遍下降Q但下降的速度和幅度在很大E度上取决于全球气温上升的幅度?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>有现金的钱包丢了Q更有可能送回?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-7804-451004-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[People more likely to return lost wallets with lots of cash 有现金的钱包丢了Q更有可能送回? People are more likely to return a lost wallet if it contains money — and the more cash, the better. 如果钱包里有q话,Z更有可能把它q回来,而且现金多好? That’s the surprising conclusion from researchers who planted more than 17,000 “lost wallets” across 355 cities in 40 countries, and kept track of how often somebody contacted the supposed owners. q是研究人员得出的惊人结论,他们?0个国家的355个城市安|了1.7万多?ldquo;遗失钱包”Qƈ记录下h们联pdȝ频率? The presence of money — the equivalent of about $13 in local currency — boosted this response rate to about 51 percent, versus 40 percent for wallets with no cash. That trend showed up in virtually every nation, although the actual numbers varied. 有现金的钱包——大概13元的当地货?mdash;—这一联系率提高到51%左右Q而没有现金的钱包的联pȝ?0%。这一势几乎出现在每个国Ӟ管实际数字各不相同? Researchers raised the stakes in the US, the United Kingdom and Poland. The response jumped to 72 percent for wallets containing the equivalent of about $94, versus 61 percent for those containing $13. If no money was enclosed, the rate was 46 percent. 研究人员提高了在国、英国和波兰的风险。对于装有大U?4元的钱包,q一比例上升?2%Q而对于装?3元的钱包,q一比例上升?1%。如果里面没有钱Q比例是46%? How can this be? 怎么会这样呢? “The evidence suggests that people tend to care about the welfare of others, and they have an aversion to seeing themselves as a thief,” said Alain Cohn of the University of Michigan, one author who reported the results Thursday in the journal Science. 密歇根大学的阿兰·U恩(AlainCohn)_“有证据表明,Z往往兛_他h的损失,他们不愿意把自己看成偷?rdquo;U恩是周四在《科学?Science)杂志上发表这一研究l果的作者之一? Another author, Christian Zuend of the University of Zurich, said “it suddenly feels like stealing” when there’s money in the wallet. “And it feels even more like stealing when the money in the wallet increases,” he added. That idea was supported by the results of polls the researchers did in the US, the UK and Poland, he told reporters. 另一位作家、苏黎世大学的克里斯蒂安·恩徯Q当钱包里有q时候,“H然感觉像在偷东西”。他补充?“当钱包里的钱增多Ӟq种感觉更像是偷H?rdquo;他对记者表C,q一观点得到了研Ih员在国、英国和波兰q行的调查结果的支持? The effect of enclosed money appeared in 38 of the 40 countries, with Mexico and Peru the exceptions. ?0个国家中Q有38个国家出C受钱包现金量的媄响,墨西哥和U鲁例外? ]]></description> </item><item><title>BBC News: 韩导演奉俊昊夺戛U金榈 http://www.didecide.cn/show-10225-451003-1.html BBC News: 帕克斯名人堂四分卫巴特h塔尔M http://www.didecide.cn/show-10225-451002-1.html BBC News: 安倍晋三要当和事{~解国伊朗冲突 http://www.didecide.cn/show-10225-451000-1.html 法国的一个岛上发C一U新的“狐猫”物U?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-9944-451001-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Scientists believe they have discovered a new species of "cat foxes" on a French Island U学家们坚信他们在法国的一个岛上发C一U新?ldquo;狐猫”物种 Wildlife researchers have located 16 of the creatures which are said to resemble a domestic cat, while also having stripes on the front legs, dark back legs and a silky, thick coat, AFP reports. Its tail is long with rings and a black tip, which is how it earned the name "cat fox". 据法新社报道Q野生动物研Ih员已l发C16只这U动物,据说它们长得像家猫,前腿上有条纹Q后腿上有深色的条纹Q还有一层丝质的厚毛。它的尾巴很长,有环Q末端是黑色的,因此得名“狐猫”? The discovery was made by the National Hunting and Wildlife Office in France. q一发现是由法国国家狩猎和野生动物办公室做出的? Since 2016, researchers have been able to capture 12 of the felines so they can be examined, AFP reports. They are then released back into the habitat in northern Corsica. 据法新社报道Q自2016q以来,研究人员已经捕获?2只狐猫,以便对它们进行检查,然后再把它们攑֛U西嘉岛北部的栖息地? The research commenced in 2012. q项研究始于2012q? "By looking at its DNA, we could tell it apart from the European wildcat," said wildlife office chief environmental technician Pierre Benedetti. 野生动物办公室首席环境技术员皮埃?middot;贝内代蒂_“通过观察它的DNAQ我们可以把它与Ƨ洲野猫区分开来?rdquo; "We believe that it's a wild natural species which was known, but not specifically identified because it's an extremely inconspicuous animal with nocturnal habitats. “我们认ؓq是一U已知的野生自然物种Q但׃它是一U极不显眼的h夜间栖息地的动物Q因此还没有明确的确定? "It's a wonderful discovery," he told AFP. 他向记者表C:“q是一个奇妙的发现?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>关于Q?个o人难以置信的事实 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450999-1.html 火星表面的蓝色陨矛_让天文学家们惊叹不已 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450998-1.html 你可以在亚马逊购买梦想中的房?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450997-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[You Can Buy Your Dream House On Amazon 你可以在亚马逊购买梦想中的房? These days it seems you can basically anything you want on the internet - the online shopping market has been growing increasingly for the past few years, and while some are afraid to buy a pair of shoes online cause they might not fit, others are courageous enough to invest in an actual house and order it online. So, if you're one of the brave ones, make sure to check this list of houses are are currently being sold on Amazon. Who knows, maybe you'll become a homeowner sooner than you expected? 如今Q你几乎可以在互联网上做M你想做的事情-|上购物市场在过ȝ几年里快速发展,当一些h不敢在网上买鞋子Q怕穿上不合适时Q另外一些h已经_勇敢地投资一栋房子ƈ在网上预订了。所以,如果你是勇敢的hQ一定要看看q张清单上的房子Q它们目前正在亚马逊上出售。谁知道呢,也许你会比预想中更早的成Z名房d? #1 Timber Frame Kit $39,976.00 #2 Laminated Log House Kit $63,965.00 #3 Laminated Log House $149,591.00 #4 Timberline $34,900.00 #5 Lillevilla Getaway $18,800.00 #6 #tf-033 House $49,612.00 #7 Sommersby House $8,360.00 #8 Cliff Home $105,000.00 #9 Ranger House $19,990.00 #10 Cozumel Park $64,900.00 #11 Bella House $16,800.00 #12 Vermont Cottage $17,259.00 #13 Eagle Point $46,900.00 #14 Eagle Vista $64,650.00 #15 Richmond Barn $11,495.00 囄来源QAndželika ]]></description> </item><item><title>瘑֐子听了《西区女孩》后Q在伦敦企图杀?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450986-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Crack addict tried killing man in London after listening to ‘West End Girls’ 瘑֐子听了《西区女孩》后Q在伦敦企图杀? In a near-deadly case of life imitating art, lawyers for a schizophrenic crack addict say he traveled to the West End of London — after listening to the Pet Shop Boys song “West End Girls” — and tried killing a man because he thought the lyrics were sending him “a message.” q是一个模仿艺术的致命案例Q一个患有精分裂症的瘾君子Q在听了宠物店男孩乐队的“西区奛_”后,前往伦敦西区的途中Q试图杀宛_一名男子,他的律师辩称是歌词给了他q个“信息”? (From:nypost.com) “You think you’re mad, too unstable,” the lyrics read. “Call the police there’s a mad man around, running down underground.” 歌词上写道:“你认q了,太不E_了?rdquo;“叫警察来Q附q有一个疯子,正在往C跑?rdquo; The defense team for Paul Crossley, 47, claimed in court that he was hearing the lyrics over and over again in his head due to his mental condition — and this prompted him to attack his victim last April, The Sun reports. 据《太x》报道,47岁的保罗·克罗斯利(PaulCrossley)的辩护团队在法庭上声Uͼ׃他精分裂,且一遍又一遍地在脑中反复听到q首歌,促他在d4月攻M受害者? Crossley set upon the 91-year-old man, identified as former Eurotunnel boss Sir Robert Malpas, while he was waiting to board a train at London’s Marble Arch station, according to the British newspaper. 据英国报U报道,克罗斯利在u敦大理石拱门站等火RӞ偶然发现了一?1岁的男子Q后认q名男子为欧z隧道公司的前老板|伯?middot;马尔帕斯爵士? Crossley attempted to push Malpas onto the tracks and into the path of a train. He was also accused of doing the same thing to another individual at the Tottenham Court Road tube station just minutes earlier. 克罗斯利试图把马帕斯推到铁轨上Q就在几分钟前,他还被指控在托特U_法院路地铁站对另一名乘客做了同L事情? ]]></description> </item><item><title>狗狗知道我们是“小狗眼睛”的_丝 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450969-1.html W七届军q会{备工作利q行 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450964-1.html 狗狗们得C所需的照?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450960-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Mother dog and 9 puppies discovered at landfill are getting the care they need 在垃圑֡埋场发现的狗妈妈?只小狗得C它们需要的照顾 Among the mounds of discarded junk and household waste, a Good Samaritan found a closed box at the Puntzi Lake landfill in British Columbia. Curious what was inside, they opened the flaps only to find a mother dog and nine newborn puppies. 在成堆的废弃垃圾和生zd圾中Q一个好心h在不列颠哥u比亚省的庞齐湖垃圑֡埋场发现了一个封闭的盒子Q好奇里面是什么,他打开盖子Q发C只母狗和九只新生的小狗? The mother dog is a bit timid, but she's focused on caring for her nine puppies. (Photo: BC SPCA) The mother dog — later named Casey — was very thin and her puppies looked to be only about a week old. The box was completely sealed so there was little chance the dog and her pups could make their way to safety. q只后来被命名ؓ凯西的母狗非常瘦Q她的小狗看h只有一个星期大Q盒子是完全密封的,所以狗和她的幼崽几乎没有机会逃到安全的地斏V? Their rescuer took them to a vet clinic where they spent the night. Then they were taken to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) where they found a foster family in the BC SPCA's Quesnel & District Branch. 救援人员把它们带C家兽医诊所Q在那里q夜。然后它们被带到不列颠哥伦比亚防止虐待动物协会,在那里的Quesnel & District分部扑ֈ了一个寄d庭? According to SPCA staff, Casey is likely a border collie/husky mix. She's a little timid but sweet, and is focused on caring for her babies. The shelter has been inundated with emails and calls from people wanting to adopt members of this furry little family. 据防止虐待动物协会的工作人员Uͼ凯西很可能是博d牧羊犬和哈士奇的淯Q它有点胆小Q但是很可爱Qƈ且专注于照顾它的孩子。收Ҏ被电子邮件和电话Ҏ了,Z都想收养q个毛茸茸的家庭的成员? "We are not taking adoption applications at this time, nor are we able to keep a wait list of interested parties for later," the shelter wrote on a Facebook post. "We are receiving ~40 adoption inquires per hour and our small team is not able to respond to them all immediately, please be patient as we do have many other animals in care who also require our time and attention." 该收Ҏ在脸书上发帖Uͼ“目前我们q没有接受收ȝP也没有办法将感兴的人的名单留到以后。我们每时收到大约40个领养请求,我们的小团队无法立即回复所有请求,误心{待Q因为有很多其他动物也需要我们的旉和关注?rdquo; Casey and her puppies are now in a foster home. (Photo: BC SPCA) In the meantime, the small shelter is asking for donations of puppy pads, teething toys, sheets and small collars, and is accepting monetary donations on its website to help pay for the dogs' care. 与此同时Q这家小动物收容所正在L捐赠狗的垫子、长牙玩兗床单和项圈,q在其网站上接受捐款Q帮助支付狗狗的照料费用? Although Casey and her puppies are now safe, the BC SPCA is trying to find whoever abandoned them. 虽然凯西和它的小狗现在安全了Q但加拿大防止虐待动物协会正在努力寻N弃它们的人? "There is no excuse for simply walking away from a pet and leaving them to die," said Lorie Chortyk, the SPCA’s general manager of communications, in a news release. "Abandoning animals is against the law and individuals can be prosecuted for their crime." 英国爱护动物协会的公xȝ理洛?middot;乔提克在一份新ȝ中说Q?ldquo;我们没有理由pL开宠物QQ它们自生自死。遗弃动物是q法的,个h可能会因Z们的|行而被赯?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>功夫圣地林寺已启用5G|络 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450950-1.html 22张O画让你的生活充满希望 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450951-1.html 中国发v食品安全q动 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450949-1.html ofo没有资偿还债务 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450948-1.html 14张挑战现实的建筑照片 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450947-1.html 俄罗斯城市发C只受伤的北极?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-10224-450946-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[An emaciated polar bear was sighted in Russian industrial city, Norilsk, far south of its normal hunting grounds. A local wildlife enthusiast and tour guide, Oleg Krashevsky, filmed the bear as it wandered looking for food. Environmentalists said wild animals are suffering from the shrinking hunting environment and the receding ice as the Arctic is getting warmer. Z在距其栖息地很远的俄|斯工业城市诺里斯克,发现一只瘦q北极熊。当地野生动物爱好者兼导游奥列格克拉舍夫斯?Oleg Krashevsky)拍下了这只熊四处觅食的情景。环保h士表C,随着北极变暖Q野生动物正遭受狩猎环境萎羃和冰川消融的影响。]]></description> </item><item><title>剑桥公爵夫妇的R队与一?3岁的奛_相撞 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450942-1.html 如何zd当下Q让旉有h?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450941-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[How to Live in the Present and Make Your Time Count 如何zd当下Q让旉有h? When you woke up this morning, you had a whole day ahead of you. And, when you go to bed, that same day will have passed. 当你今天早上醒来的时候,你面临着新的一天。当你上床睡觉的时候,q一天已l过M? Time is such a precious and limited resource, yet often we neglect or abuse it, thinking that there’s still time left. We’re sometimes so focused on the wrong priorities that we end up spending our precious time on things that won’t matter in the long run. And, we may not be spending enough time on the things that do matter. 旉是如此珍贵和有限的资源,但我们往往忽视或滥用它Q认有时间。我们有时过于专注于错误的优先事,以至于最l把宝贵的时间花在了从长q来看ƈ不重要的事情上。而且Q我们可能没有花_的时间在真正重要的事情上? Below are a few techniques to help you be more aware of your time spent, and how to truly make every second count. 下面是一些技巧,可以帮助你更好地意识C所q旉Q以及如何真正让每一U都有h倹{? Be Mindful of the Present x当下 Mindfulness can sometimes be a vague term. People often try to be mindful, or in the present, when on holidays, or when spending time with their loved ones. But, what does it really mean to be mindful of the present? 正念有时是一个模p的术语。当Z在度假或与所q人共度时光时Q他们往往会努力专注于当下。但是,x当下到底意味着什么呢? Well, it simply means to bring awareness to what you’re doing. It’s a practice that trains your brain to be more efficient and better integrated with your surroundings, so you’re less distracted and more focused. It also helps to minimize stress and allows you to become your best self. 好吧Q它只是意味着让你意识C在做什么。这是一U训l你的大脑更有效率,更好地融入周围环境的l习Q这样你׃会那么分心,更专注。它也有助于减少压力Q让你成为最好的自己? Appreciate the Here and Now 珍惜此时此地 Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s a fun project or a mundane task, appreciate every moment of it, and make an effort to find the enjoyable aspects within it. 无论你在做什么,无论是一个有的目q是一个^凡的dQ都要珍惜每一刻,q努力从中找C所在? Be Fully Present When Around Others 当周围有其他人的时候,要全w心投入 Often, when we spend time with others, we’re not really there with them. Physically, we may be present, but a lot of times we’re distracted by our phones or other devices. This is all pretty common human behavior that most of us are guilty of, but the good news is that with effort, you can shut off the outside world and just be present with the people you’re spending time with. 通常Q当我们和别人在一L时候,我们q不是真的和他们在一赗n体上Q我们可能在现场Q但很多时候我们被手机或其他设备分散了注意力。这些都是我们大多数人都遇到q的很常见的问题Q但好消息是Q通过努力Q你可以把外面的世界兌v来,只和你花旉在一L人待在一赗? Take Smartphone Breaks 放下手机 When distracted by your phone, and acted upon, it takes up to 23 minutes to get back to the level of concentration where you left off before the interruption. So, if you let your phone interrupt you every 10 minutes, think about how much time and resources you’ve lost in a day? 当你的注意力被手机分散,q取行动时Q你需?3分钟的时间才能恢复到中断前的专注状态。所以,如果你让你的手机?0分钟打扰你一ơ,x你一天浪费了多少旉和资? Don’t Rush Through Life 不要匆忙地度q一? It’s more important to know that the time you’re spending is spent meaningfully, and that you’re prioritizing the right things. If you haven’t been living in the present, the time is now! 更重要的是,你要知道你所q旉是有意义的,你在优先考虑正确的事情。如果你没有zd当下Q现在就是时? ]]></description> </item><item><title>国家地理旅行摄媄比赛莯囄Q上Q?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450839-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[The National Geographic’s Travel Photo Contest Is Over And Here Are The Winners(1) 国家地理旅行摄媄比赛l束了,以下是获胜图?? Picturesque villages, majestic animals and candid human moments - captured around the world by the photographers of this year's National Geographic Travel Photo Contest. Each year talented artists allow us to travel the globe through the lenses of their cameras, which capture breathtaking moments we would otherwise miss. The contest honors these explorers and photographers by accepting global entries across three categories—Nature, Cities, and People. 风景如画的村庄,雄伟的动物和直率的hcL?-׃q的国家地理旅游摄媄大赛的摄影师在世界各地拍摄。每q_有才华的艺术家们通过他们的相机镜头带我们环游世界Q这些镜头捕捉了我们可能错过的激动h心的瞬间。这Ҏ赛通过接受来自自然、城市和三个cd的全球作品来表嘪q些探险家和摄媄师? The 2019 grand prize of $7,500 went to Weimin Chu for his whimsical 'Winter in Greenland' photograph. Depicted in the image is a small fishing village in Upernavik, whose brightly colored homes shine brightly amidst the fog and snow. Top winners from the other categories include Huaifeng Li’s Showtime image, which won 1st Place in the People category and captures actors preparing for an evening opera performance in Licheng County, China. Winning 1st Place in the Nature category, Tamara Blazquez Haik’s photograph of a griffon vulture—titled Tender Eyes— perfectly timed to capture the bird soaring through the skies in Monfragüe National Park in Spain. 2019q的大奖7500元被朱伟民以其怪诞的《格陵兰的冬天》照片获得。图中描l的是乌佩纳l克的一个小渔村Q在雑֒雪中Q那里色彩鲜艳的房屋闪闪发光。其他奖的冠军包括李怀峰的Showtime形象Q它在h物类中获得了W一名,捕捉C中国李城县的演员们在准备晚上的歌剧表演。塔玛拉·布拉斯奎?middot;黑克拍摄的名?ldquo;温柔的眼?rdquo;的格里芬U鹫照片获得了自然类照片的第一名,q张照片拍摄的正是西班牙蒙弗拉格国家公园里一只翱天际的格里芬秃鹫? #1 People's Choice, Nature: 'Couples Goals' By Brian Larrosa 自然Q《夫ȝ标?布莱?middot;拉罗? #2 Grand Prize Winner: 'Greenlandic Winter' By Weimin Chu 特等奖:《格陵兰的冬天》朱伟民  (Photo: Chu Weimin/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest) #3 People's Choice, Nature: 'Wildlife Under Lightning' By Kelvin Yuen 自然Q《闪电下的野生动物?袁镇? #4 People's Choice, Nature: 'Practice Makes Perfect' By Taylor Albright 自然Q《熟能生巧?泰勒·奥尔布赖? #5 Second Place, Nature: 'Dream Catcher' By Danny Sepkowski W二名,自然Q《捕梦网?丹尼·塞夫U夫斯基 (Photo: Danny Sepkowski/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest) #6 First Place, Nature: 'Tender Eyes' By Tamara Blazquez Haik W一名,自然Q《温柔的眼睛?塔玛?middot;布拉斯克?middot;克 (Photo: Tamara Blazquez Haik/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest) #7 People's Choice, Cities: 'Cat In The City Sky' By Jonas Chan 城市Q《都市天IZ的猫?乔纳?middot;? #8 People's Choice, People: 'The Laugh' By 人物Q《笑》乔? #9 People's Choice, Cities: 'Volcano Emerging From Cloud' By Paul Rozek 城市Q《云中火山?保罗·|泽? #10 People's Choice, People: 'How To Train Your Dragon' By Léo Kwok 人物Q《驯龙高手?郭里? ]]></description> </item><item><title>国家地理旅行摄媄比赛莯囄(? http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450858-1.html 10本最好的成功书籍 http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450931-1.html 艺术家的重彩下——丰满的?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-7804-450935-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Artist Uses Thick Brushstrokes to Create Paintings of Plump Songbirds 艺术家的重彩?mdash;—丰满的鸟 (Angela Moulton/mymodernmet.com) Inspired by nature, artist Angela Moulton creates stylized bird portraits that are bursting with color and texture. Each impasto painting features abstract layers of thick brushstrokes that are built up to form each adorably plump body, perched on tree branches. 受大自然的启发,艺术家安吉拉·莫尔创作了一pd充满色彩和纹理、全新风格的鸟类肖像。每一q浓墨重彩都以抽象的构图为特Ԍ构成了一q幅栖息在树枝上的丰满可qw媄? (Angela Moulton/mymodernmet.com) Moulton splits her time between Illinois and Idaho, where she comes across the many different bird species that inspire her. “I paint a lot of North American birds because it’s my home. But I love painting many birds from all over the world,” Moulton reveals on her blog. “I love songbirds because they are so cute and fat and sweet.” From cute chickadees to small sparrows, each expressively rendered oil painting captures the charm of the artist’s feathered subjects. 莫尔在伊利诺斯州和p荷州两地生活Q在那里奚wC许多不同的鸟c,q些鸟类Ȁ发了她的灉|?ldquo;我画了很多北的鸟,因ؓq是我的家。但我更喜欢L自世界各地的鸟,”莫尔在她的博客上透露?ldquo;我喜Ƣ鸣,因ؓ它们很可爱,又胖又可爱。从可爱的山雀到小麻雀Q每一q富有表现力的a画,都体CdW下鸟独特的魅力? (Angela Moulton/mymodernmet.com) Moulton builds up layers of colorful, thick oil paint to create stylized depictions of each bird, often accentuating their rounded bodies and fluffy plumage. Her signature style not only reveals her talent for form, but also her eye for color. Each vibrant painting features complimentary hues that evoke the happy sound of bird songs in spring and summer. 莫尔ؓ每只鸟都M了一层色彩斑斓的厚a彩,l常它们圆圆的n体和蓬松的羽毛。她的标志性风g仅体C她的造型天赋Q也体现了她寚w色的鉴赏力。每一q充满活力的M都以互补的色调ؓ特色Q让人想起了春夏之际Q鸟鸣枝头的Ƣ乐景象? ]]></description> </item><item><title>GRE填空{h题的解题思\ http://www.didecide.cn/show-9541-450918-1.html 游泳h意,鲨鱼可能在不远处! http://www.didecide.cn/show-500-450916-1.html 被自拍杀ȝ?/title> <link>http://www.didecide.cn/show-7804-450897-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[ Oregon wildlife officials kill bear because people kept taking selfies with him 俄勒冈州野生动物理人员杀Mq只熊,因ؓZ一直在和它自拍? A black bear in Oregon was killed by wildlife officials who decided the furry animal could be a serious threat to parkgoers who kept taking selfies with him, authorities said. 当局Uͼ俄勒冈州的一只黑熊被野生动物保护官员杀死,野生动物保护官员认ؓq只毛茸茸的黑熊对经常和它自拍的公园游客构成了严重威胁? The young bear was shot and killed by biologists last week when they discovered him eating trail mix, sunflower seeds, and cracked corn near an entrance of the park outside Portland, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. 据俄勒冈州鱼cd野生动物部门Uͼ上周Q生物学家在波特兰郊外的一个公园入口处发现q只q熊在吃什锦果仁、葵q和碎玉米Ӟ其杀? The bear had been frequenting the area around a boat ramp after people left food for it. 在h们给q只熊留下食物后Q它一直在一个船坡道附近出没? Some even took “selfies” with him and posted them on social media, causing concern form local law enforcement. 一些h甚至与他“自拍”Qƈ其发布在社交媒体上Q引起了当地执法部门的关注? “This is a classic example of why we implore members of the public not to feed bears,” wildlife biologist Kurt Licence said. 野生生物学家Kurt license?“q是一个经典的例子Q说明ؓ什么我们恳求公众不要喂熊?rdquo; “While the individuals who put food out for this bear may have had good intentions bears should never, ever be fed.” “虽然只熊提供食物的h可能是出于好意,但永q不要喂熊?rdquo; The Fish and Wildlife Department said that they “do not translocate bears that have been habituated to humans because these animals are much more likely to have dangerous interactions with humans in the future.” 鱼类和野生动物部门表C,他们“不会转移已经习惯人类的熊Q因些动物未来更有可能与人类发生危险的互动? ]]></description> </item></channel></rss> <a href="http://www.didecide.cn/">ֻ¼˻ʹ</a> <a href="http://bbs.bjchengyi.com" target="_blank"></a>| <a href="http://www.rahongxu.com" target="_blank"></a>| <a href="http://wap.hr025.com.cn" target="_blank">Ӷ</a>| <a 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